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Main Bitumen Supplier and Distributor in Uganda

Ssebo Group International is the top Main Bitumen Suppliers and Distributor in Uganda. We supply bitumen at the wholesale scale, export, distribute, and importer Bitumen in Uganda.

We are gladly offering Bitumen to our esteemed clients based in Uganda and those abroad. We are offering our range of brilliant quality in order to meet the diversified requirements of the clients.

Our complete product range is manufactured at our in-house production facility which is loaded with advanced machinery and technology,


Aluminum Ingots Supplier and Distributor in Uganda

Also, the best manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Aluminum Ingot in Uganda and Ssebo group is a prominent player in the industry and of repute across the globe known as a leader in Aluminum Ingot in Uganda.

High-quality material and types of equipment is used to ensure flawless products delivery to you.

We specialized in the production of premium quality Aluminum Ingot in Uganda.

Additionally, we use High fiber raw material in the production with renewable energy generated through the pulping process of the debris.

Portland cement Supplies and Sales in Uganda

We will supply you with Portland cement, binding material in the form of a finely ground powder, usually gray, that is manufactured by burning and grinding a mixture of limestone and clay or limestone and shale. In the manufacture of Portland cement, clinker is lumps or nodules, usually 3–25 mm in diameter, produced by sintering limestone and alumino-silicate (clay) during the cement kiln stage.

We manufacture and sell cement for building and construction sectors in East Africa. Ssebo Group international Uganda produces a range of cement products including Portland cement and Portland pozzolanic cement for cement, mortar, and concrete building applications. And also supply custom-made cement products for the construction trade.

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Leading trusted Construction Company with high quality and high value Construction material supplies and mineral supplies in Kampala, Uganda

We also deal in production, processing and supply of a wide range of minerals such as Diamond, Gold, Copper.

We offer a unique and personalized service with an assigned individual who understands the market, has many years of experience in international commodity markets. We are dedicated to meeting your needs to offer the very best possible service, with customer relations at its core. Enhancing and strengthening our operation to both our mutual benefit.

We currently have the following Building Materials and Chemicals:

Petroleum Products.

  • Penetration grade bitumen
  • Oxidized bitumen
  • Oxidized bitumen (blown Asphalt)
  • Natural bitumen
  • Coal
  • Base oil, heating oil, fuel oil
  • Diesel D2 fuel oil.

Precious Minerals

Cement Products.

  •  White cement
  • White cement clinker
  • Grey cement
  • Gypsum cement

Fertilizers Products.

  • Sulfur light yellow
  • Urea 46% (prilled /granular)
  • Rock phosphate
  • Phosphate intended for agriculture (fertilizer)

Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is to build clients’ trust and establish long-lasting relationships with all those we do business with.

Good business is about being connected and having access to accurate and reliable information. Building trust and fostering client relationships is our key to a successful business.

SIG will strive for success for both customers and suppliers in the form of real relationships between distributors, manufacturers, and trading houses, position both on the demand and supply side.

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